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See that black wallpaper over there? You can see here on animepaper. When I look at that, feel kind of proud that my work is on the first list when I search “so long mr despair wallpaper” =) And it feels so nostalgic remembering how I used to make wallpaper all day and all week, haha. Though because I am not that skillful with Photoshop as I used to be kinda make me feel lazy to start a new wallpaper.

If you are interested on my works, you can see them here. Oh, and on this occasion I want to thank http://www.animepaper.net for giving me a great community where i learned a lot of things. From language, motivation to learn things from failure (they filter wallpapers you know), and also hard skills of editing images. Really thanks 🙂 Though I am sorry I have never visited there anymore. Good luck on moving on to 6th version AP!


3 comments on “Wallpapers

  1. Darwin
    October 23, 2010

    Wah bang adit punya blog jg ternyata…
    baru ttau gua…hahaa

    • tida
      October 23, 2010

      haha, iya nih Win, selama ini mah biasanya tulis cuma 1 post terus ditinggal. ayo Win tulis blog juga 😀

  2. sigantengdariELITB08
    October 29, 2010


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