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What is Your Passion?

So then that question suddenly popped out on my mind, continued with asking why does people can do great things? Is it because they love what they do? Is it just because they are naturally blessed? Luck? Whatever it is, I came up with the conclusion that they are passionate in what they do. So then the main question is… what is my passion? So then I read this article and that article which help you in finding your passion.

The result? Well yeah I know that it is something that makes you forget about times when doing it and makes you kind of proud and happy. I think I had those moments. Let me list those things…

  • making anime wallpaper
  • doing sudoku/something like that
  • doing work-able homeworks
  • doing workout
  • reading motivation books
  • taking a hot shower
  • trying new software on computer
  • making games
  • writing
  • reading manga
  • watching movie

Well I was writing what came into my mind without filtering anything, and that is the results (oh yeah I am trying to find my own passion through writing this article). So… I know now that I actually love to write so much. The thing I know for sure is worrying too much about structure, main idea, etc will make you creativity grounded. Well yeah this is a blog so you can just write anything you like 😀 Don’t worry too much. And now I’ve realized that I am writing things that are too far away from the title.

See the face on the picture? It’s like he is enjoying reading those books so much, isn’t it? I think that can be called passionate. I hope I can be like that too in my studies. I know I can be passionate on my studies, it’s just I haven’t found the essential things to love in my studies now.

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This entry was posted on October 24, 2010 by in Daily Life.

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