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So two days ago when I was studying (++ surfing the net :p) I got a phone call from the leader of Computer Division (in Electrical Engineering Student Association). And then he told me that the division need to make a poster that shows what we do in the division. And so then I agreed to make the poster though I have to do it fast. So then quickly I took a piece of paper and let my imagination flow through my head. Lots of ideas, but I had to choose one. So then i decided to do a poster with some solid color as the main point plus some pictures.

And… there it goes! The result after struggling for about one hour at night. (it is in Bahasa Indonesia – just in case you are wondering). I think I am quite satisfied with the color 🙂 And I realized that I DO love making images like that or wallpapers that I used to make. Long live art stuffs!


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This entry was posted on November 3, 2010 by in Design Stuffs.

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