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Hello Bike, Long Time No See!

After a long time being neglected, finally I resurrected my lovely bicycle!

First thing first, I am sorry for Mr. and Ms Spider because I had to displace them from the handlebar. I know you two have been trying to make a happy family there, but again, I am sorry because I have to use the bicycle again. So then I wish you two find a better home! – This tool beside is the one used to say goodbye to them.

Then flat tire was the next problem. I borrowed a pump in order to fix that. Thank you for the boy next door 🙂 for lending me one. It worked really fine! Pumping has never been this easy! The problem was fixed in no time.

Next: test drive. I was kind of scared there were problems with the chain, break, or the handling, but… all of them worked perfectly! So the test drive around the dorm succeed with a satisfactory result. Here is the test drive track: The cone are always there all the time, not specially for this, haha.

I know I had to wash the bike before using it for real to university after a few months… but I can’t help it. I was so excited to ride it again after a long time. So then I set off and realized that the route was kind of hard for me back then when I first ride the bike here. First is the image you see on the right. If you can’t balance the bike, you have to choose whether go straight to the water or to get some scratch on your body. Ew. Next is time for alley, with some obstacle on the way. Now now, I used to hit the pole a bit there, but now I can pass through it without even touching it even a tiny bit 🙂

After passing them, now it’s time for the hard-life-for-bicyclers-road. Here in Indonesia the boss is the motorcycles and the cars. It is very common for bicyclers to be horned at by them because you ride at a slow pace on the side. Though there are some aspects that make me do not want to ride the bike, I still ride the bicycle sometimes. Why? Because it is the fastest way to get into the university, with only about 5 minutes from my dorm. Walking takes about 15 minutes and using public transport is about 10 minutes. And using a bike you can ride it all the way into the university, even to the front of the classroom, which makes it an excellent emergency transport if you are late for classes 🙂

PS: I wanted to post this with “The Tale Of A Resurrection” but… I know people will think “What the…”, because I too thought it is an exaggeration, haha (in Bahasa Indonesia slang = lebay).


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This entry was posted on November 5, 2010 by in Daily Life.

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