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Busy And Stressed? Again?

What do you do when you are so busy, tired, and a bit stressed because of pressure and then something is not going your way? Though it is something petty. Well, there are a lot of choices for people to make. They can just grumbling all day because he/she thinks the world is going against him/her and everything seems so hard that nothing can be accomplished though he works hard. Or maybe you can just shout out loud for a second or do a little exercise (maybe punching something – but not a living thing for sure!)  or anything and then take a deep breath… ah, life is so beautiful 🙂

So yeah, again and again I am writing this kind of post because seems like loads of works on my university lately has been making a lot of students here kind of depressed and stressed out. Plus… well, actually there is a problem with my dorm’s internet connection so I cannot connect to internet at all – and I definitely NEED it to search for some definitions, theories, and getting the problems for my lab pre-work tomorrow. And so yeah I had choices,  get angry and bad-mouthing the internet guys while adding more unneeded stress to my body, or maybe I can just calm down a little bit and then try to search for an internet connection out there. So yeah here I am on a free Wi-Fi at some small restaurant down the street while enjoying the food 🙂 – the wind is very cold now, brrr~

But well yeah I can’t charge my laptop’s battery here, and my it is going to run out soon. So yeah, in a bit I am going to go home and make use of the data I have got on the internet to finish my tasks, bye!

One comment on “Busy And Stressed? Again?

  1. namepalsu
    November 9, 2010

    i knw we shouldnt make a really big deal of it..but we kinda miss those days..when everything used to be a little more balanced. If its about all those assignments..i know the more i shit about it..the more im getting stressed out.. the funny thing is.. Its also calms me down.. But its pure grumbling..u know what im sayin.. not in one second i truly wish that those assignments will be gone just like that.. Like Coldplay said: nobody said it was easy…but no one ever said it would be this hard…we, well i for sure..did not expect all this..all the assignments and the hard work, sure i heard about that..but what about the time we’re losing on everything else..how about the fading away relationship with my parents..my family..my old friends..
    so it’s on..we’re getting used to all of it..people usually deal with the probs of, u know..too much assignments..and all that.. but the real problem for me is..of course..the effort im putting to deal with everything in life BUT that..im concerned with all that..so dont take it away..
    its totally normal..though its not all that usefull..its needed.. coz somebody needs to know..somebody needs to understand..well, we of all people should know, we should understand, we should share as well and we should help..
    but its really nothing crazy..i sure as hell laugh all the times about it too..like u say..its its stressing..but we get used to it..u get it..i get it..and that’s that.

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This entry was posted on November 8, 2010 by in Daily Life.

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