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Computer Division of HME ITB at SOUL

So yeah, the past few days I have been very busy doing stuffs for an event which was held by Electrical Engineering Student Association. The name of the event is SOUL (Save Our Electricity). The main idea is, as the name says, to make people aware of energy depletion. Our division decided to make some methods to save electricity by turning off computer from far away. The scenario is that a person forget to turn off his computer and have gone away. The methods are shut-downing computer via SMS, Twitter, and e-mail.

The first one, via SMS. I do not really understand this one – this one is the hardest; we kind of have to make SMS gateway, setting up databases, etc. If you are interested, you can look it up here.

The second one, via Twitter. This one is not that hard; we just have to install a program on the computer which is connected to the internet and we need a Twitter account. When we are far away, we can just tweet a text which has been set to shutdown the computer. Neat, huh? We also could not accomplished this one in a day because we wanted to make a Twitter API. So people connect to our web instead of Twitter 🙂 – but yeah it is not done yet.

The third one is very easy, which is via e-mail. For this time, we use Mozilla Thunderbird (an e-mail client) + add-ons named “Mailbox Alert”. With this, we can run a script whenever the client receive a certain e-mail. And the script is a simple one, shutting down the computer. The code is like this:

And after that just save that code with .bat as its extension and you’re done! 🙂

These are some photos of our stand at the event: (well, I am not in the pictures 😦 the photographer has to suffer at times like this)





I was kind of surprised when I knew that the poster which I made hastily was printed on an A0, and also printed on a magazine (ELEKTRON – also a division of Electrical Engineering Student Association). See Image on the left.

The poster is printed on the back side of the cover, along with the poster of SOUL. Well yeah, I have to make more poster so I can make better ones 🙂 Though busy and a bit tiring, I hope we can have more events to attend in the future 🙂

Long live Computer Division!

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This entry was posted on November 13, 2010 by in Academics, Daily Life, Design Stuffs.

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