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megamindEvery time I watch something that has a character with genius mind, I feel something, kind of inspired. I do not know why, I just get excited to see that; or maybe envy? Anyway, today I have just watched something with that kind of theme. It is MEGAMIND. The main character in the story is so genius even from he was a baby, but his peers when he was in the school do not respect him (especially Metroman) day by day. And somehow he gets into a conclusion that he is destined to be a bad person; though actually he is very kind. So yeah in the end he returns to his true nature while the superhero at the start of the movie relaxes at his home watching all the bad things to happen.

Found some quotes about geniuses:

Passion is the genesis of genius – Tony Robbins

I am convinced all of humanity is born with more gifts than we know. Most are born geniuses and just get de-geniused rapidly – Buckminster Fuller

Back to the topic, I think this movie is pretty amusing. Besides me laughing so hard for lots of scenes in the movie, all the people in the theater also laughed real hard. While inspiring people with the high-tech machines made from the mind of a genius and also for relieving stress, it also a pretty good watch for children 😀

If you have not watched it yet, prepare yourself to go to the theater! Watch in 3D for more satisfaction! Happy day for you all!

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