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Learning Style

The topic of brain, motivational, and also learning style excites me 🙂 – maybe I should just be a counselor and not an engineer, haha. Anyway, what I am going to write now is about learning style. There are several main types, as you can see on the image. Though it is divided into three, there are also people who do not fall 100% into one of those category. Maybe you are a 60% visual and 40% kinesthetic or maybe another combination. There are a lot of free tests out there on the internet; I just happened to use this one @about.com because it also gives you a lot of information about your learning style.

For me, I am a very visual learner 🙂 Are you? And now I would like to tell you the difference between those 3 in words.

1. Visual Learner

The main idea is: you have to VISUALIZE everything 🙂 Starting from the easy one, make a note / outline with your own style; maybe you want to add a sketch here or there, give highlights some important words (though there are also people who have to study in monochrome in order to understand better). Or maybe you can just imagining the things you are studying or you are trying to remember. (try to make it as a story to make it easier to remember).

2. Auditory Learner

If you fall into this category, all you have to do is SAY and HEAR the information you want to remember. Hearing to music, studying in groups, discuss materials with friends, and anything related to audio is something you want to do in order to remember more efficiently.

3. Kinesthetic Learner

Kinesthetic oh kinesthetic people, you just can’t stop moving! You simply have to TRY IT YOURSELF in order to understand. Touching and examining things will make you get a better understanding of it instead of hearing people explaining it or imagining it.

I think you know now which image represents which category 🙂

Well, for reference about each type’s traits and some advantages and disadvantages at school life, you can see it here. With a little skill at using the huge search engine, you can some detailed information about how to develop your learning style so you can study at your maximum potential. Well yeah, sorry for not providing detailed info here :p

So this is the end of this post, and… happy learning!

2 comments on “Learning Style

  1. jeng2
    November 25, 2010

    cie yg visual learner, wah jago mikir jorok atuh ini mah, gw Kinesthetic Learner euy hahaha

    • tida
      November 25, 2010

      haha, iya juga yah, *loh*
      banyak-banyak praktikum dah biar jago, haha

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