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Smell Good Feel Good Do Good

Do you like the smell of roses? Lemon? Lavender? Whichever you like, I guess all people would agree that fragrance is good, both mentally and physically. It can make you more relaxed and feel at ease.

The reason why I am writing this is because I have just cleaned up my room after a long time, and I decided to make my room more comfortable by putting some air freshener (+ the fan which you can see on the image beside), wardrobe freshener, and also some toilet color balls. Now every time I enter my room I feel much more comfortable because of the fragrance~ 🙂 (and because I have just cleaned up the room; sweeping, mopping, brushing the toilet, changing sheets, etc.)

Using things like I do, it’s like aromatherapy but much more cheaper. I have never thought that actually just by adding some air freshener can make me feel much more better in my own room.

People out there have been doing research about how scent can affect our mood. You can see some categories below:

1. Romantic: jasmine, patchouli, freesia, gardenia, rose, sandalwood, cinnamon.

2. Energizers: tangerine, eucalyptus, mint, lemon, bergamot, ginger.

3. Calming: lavender, frankincense & myrrh, cedar, almond, heliotrope, marjoram, hyacinth, vanilla.

4. Refreshing: eucalyptus, grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange, mint, tangerine, rosemary.

I felt so calm before and after I saw these category, oh yeah I am using lavender scent! The research sure is right! Maybe I should prepare different types of scent based on how I want my moods to be, haha. And so later, I think I am going to do some experiments on perfume? There are also a lot of people saying that your scent can reflect your personality, and beside the fashion I guess scent also has important role in giving good impressions to other people.

I looked at the web and found this fragrance wheel: (click on the image to make it larger)

Quoted from Wikipedia, “The Fragrance Wheel is a fragrance classification method developed in 1983 by Michael Edwards, a consultant in the fragrance industry. He designed it after being inspired by a fragrance seminar by Firmenich. The new method was initiated in order to make simpler the fragrance classification and naming scheme, as well as to show the relationships between each individual fragrance family.

If you wish to know more detailed about the fragrance wheel, you can jump in here: Fragrances of The World which describes all categories.

Do not forget, Smell Good Feel Good Do Good!


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