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Fried chunky Potatoes

Fried chunky Potatoes With Sauce

After about half year or so, finally I got to use a frying pan again 🙂 The urge just came about two days ago when I saw a cooking competition on the TV, battling with time and the others to make the most delicious dish with fabulous display. The food looks great! And with just simple ingredients of potato, egg, and flour I decided to make some fried food as my lunch.

At first I initially did not even think to post about this; I just put the fried potatoes there at the plate. After eating half of them, I remembered about how display affect people’s impression on food greatly and decided to try it on myself. I then quickly went to the kitchen to get some nice plate and started arranging (only 4 chunks left and a small piece of egg). With the plate so big and the food so little, without anything decent to make it looks fabulous, I decided to add sauce and experiment a bit with the sauce using the spoon. And there it goes! I am satisfied, because it actually makes me think the food is much more delicious than I thought it was!

Fried Chunky Potatoes - Zoomed-in

Now now, I think there are people who cook based on recipes and people who don’t. And I am the second one 🙂 Actually, it is because of the limited utensils and ingredients; it is a real pain to get the same ingredient. So I often just make some changes to the recipe, though the result is far from the recipe… Though I actually want to try make the same as the recipe, like those French or Italian cuisine. They look so yummy! Indonesian food looks pretty yummy too actually, but somehow I want to try something different. Maybe after eating it for 20 years I get a bit bored.

There are some other aspects besides the taste and display, such as aroma and sound. In decorating the food, I think I want to get to the the level of carving food into art or something like that (found some great examples here). Still a long way to go though. Taste… well yeah this better be good or else! For aroma and sound, I think they are very hard to be done. I only know the sound of pastry, such as the crunchiness. But for meat, vegetables, and soup, how do we manipulate the sound? Maybe I have to read some books about the theory of cooking.

And now… what will I have for dinner today? 🙂

2 comments on “Cooking

  1. Luki
    December 12, 2010

    btw.. kok tampilan Fried chunky Potatoes With Sauce -nya cukup mengenaskan ya… XD

    • tida
      December 12, 2010

      mengenaskan yak, haha. Abis nggak ada apa-apa lagi dan piringnya kegedean sih. maklum piring minjem, haha

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