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Windows Live Writer

windows live writer
Windows Live Writer 2011 Startup Interface

This all started when my messenger – MSN – made me frustrated because I cannot sign in! Always failed every time I tried to. Too many features I do not even use on MSN is not friendly with my damn-slow internet connection. As I am writing this, my friend have just told me why my Facebook-chat is going online then offline continuously – even not good enough for Facebook Sad smile

Anyway, I think Windows Live Writer is a good thing. Well, I do not really know since this is my first time writing a post with it. But the design is just like Microsoft Office, and I like it. Oh! Just now I have found a feature to give effects to picture, such as blur, sharpen, recolor, and emboss. I can even put tags, add new categories, etc. in here just like I did it on the WP. And also I can resize, tilt, crop, and adding some information to it though I haven’t found the feature to give caption to images.

WL Writer 2011 Interface
WL Writer 2011 Interface

I took a picture of Windows Live Writer 2011 Interface so you can get a better look of it. Nice, isn’t it? Well the most important thing is I hope I can be more productive in writing with this software. Thank you Microsoft!

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