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First Attempt Making Cordon Bleu

Cordon Bleu

So after my first try two days ago, yesterday I decided to make Cordon Bleu. Simply said, a boneless and skinless chicken breast half with ham and cheese inside it.

First, pound the chicken so that it is not too thick – make it easier to be folded and also reduce cooking time. But not too thin, okay? I think it will reduce the feel of chicken when you put it in your mouth.

Second, put the ham (or smoked beef) and cheese on the center of the chicken, leaving about half inch to the edge of the chicken (so you can fold it later). Then fold or roll it so that the ham and cheese is on the center. Then use a toothpick to keep the shape of it. After that coat the chicken with flour.

After that, prepare a skillet plus butter and olive oil. Then cook the chicken with medium heat until its outside is brown. Add broth or wine to give some flavor to the chicken (or just put salted water if you want). Then simmer for about 20 minutes (use low heat) until the chicken is well done. Remove the toothpick and put it on the plate. Looks delicious? Yes! Time to eat? Not yet! Next we have to make the sauce. And maybe some fries if desired.

Blend cornstarch, whipping cream, and maybe something fresh (e.g. basil) together and stir it slowly on the skillet. After the sauce has thickened, pour it on the chicken and… finish! It’s time to eat!

For me, I added some chili sauce to enhance the flavor. It is just a matter of taste Smile This time I just use a normal cheddar cheese. I think a quick melt one will make it more delicious. Or maybe Swiss cheese. Well yeah, use one of your favorites. And instead of flour to coat the chicken, you can use breadcrumbs.

Happy cooking and eating!


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