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Again, about a few days ago I decided to make a dessert, agar-agar. I thought it will be a great time to learn more about various types of food. Not yet tried: drinks! Anyway, what I made is agar-agar + egg + sauce.

Starting from white milk, agar-agar powder, sugar, and a little touch of salt, I put all of them into a pot and started to heat and stir. After it is boiled, beat egg whites and insert it to the pot. After that, pour the agar-agar into the bowl and wait it to cool and harden. While waiting the agar-agar to cool down I made the sauce 🙂

Pour water and milk into the pot, then add butter and sugar. After it boiled, combine cornstarch and water then add it to the pot. Upon boiling, turn the heat and add egg yolks and stir slowly until everything is mixed. And finished! Put the agar-agar and the sauce in the fridge. After quite some time and both of them become cold, they will be a great food for dessert 🙂

Smoked Beef And Cheese

The day after that I woke up and felt like cooking again. However I am already too hungry to make complicated food – plain laziness. So I took the smoked beef and cheddar cheese (the one I used to make cordon bleu before). Heating the smoked beef is simply simple and only took about a minute or so. Heating up the cheese made it felt more… cheesy? haha, anyway I have always loved thin-sliced-and-heated-on-pan cheese, so cheesy! Then put everything on plate and… itadakimasu~! Time to eat!


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