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Rainbow After Rain


I want to share something with you guys:

It gives me sigh of fear
When the dusk comes near;
Darkness seem to follow,
All of my good plans for tomorrow.

But when the dawn greets me,
With easterly breeze and morning dew,
I throw my doubts away,
And face the day with a glow.

Never confine myself
To my new morning’s promise;
There might be some storm
To wipe away my morning breeze.

When it does, I brace myself,
I look beyond and keep abreast,
I pray and keep my fingers crossed,
God will help me survive the blows.

As I see life in me,
I always joyfully thank thee.
Indeed, no life’s in vain,
You see, there’s always rainbow after rain.

It is not mine. However the writer is anonymous. Like a rainbow after the rain, there is always a good thing after the pain. I just hope that I am strong enough to withstand the rain to see the beautiful rainbow.

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