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Productive Holiday

Holiday is a great time to enjoy free time sleeping, playing, meeting friends, or simply enjoying the time without any assignments with deadline. However, just a little while ago I felt a little… weird, just reading books whilst enjoying music almost all day long. “I need to do something productive”, I thought. And here are some of the list I have thought of I will do for the next few days:

  • Some how-to for Nintendo DS (formatting DS card, adding/ making some themes)
  • Documentation of making a website with WordPress
  • About League of Legends and maybe other games
  • and… I will think another things to do later I guess, haha

Guys, new year is coming! Have you made your new year resolution? If you haven’t, go and make them now! And do them!

6 comments on “Productive Holiday

  1. thaveann
    December 31, 2010

    I made my new year resolution : sleep early, wake early 😀
    but I’m sure I’ll be failed right in the first day of 2011 ahaahhahaaha..

    • tida
      December 31, 2010

      haha, that resolution is definitely hard, especially for the first day of the year! Though I am not that excited in staying up for new year anymore, haha. BTW, I am waiting for your short stories on your blog! Why don’t you join the PostAWeek challenge? Or maybe the PostADay?

      • thaveann
        January 1, 2011

        when I want to post the stories, I realize I left the CDs in Jakarta, and I have no copy of them in here OTZ
        well, I’m open this blog, once a year.. ahahahaha.. what did you expect me to post ? Since I writing stories depend on my mood 🙂

        • tida
          January 1, 2011

          CDs? What CDs?
          I used to start a blog and then left it after only a week or so. But after doing it for several months now, I think blogging sure is fun, though there has only been 282 visitors now.

          • thaveann
            January 2, 2011

            my old HDD backup, its in a cd.. wait its impossible, its in a dvd.. I backup all my stories in that dvd, and I left it in Jakarta..
            well, visitor grows as time pass and depend on what you type 🙂

            • tida
              January 5, 2011

              I hope more and more visitors keep coming here 😀

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