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PostADay 2011!


This morning when I opened WP, I found an announcement, this one, and after reading the whole post, I think this is a great opportunity for everybody to be more productive. Actually I believe people have wanted to do this long before (every time they decide to start a blog) and after a couple of days or weeks maybe you feel too lazy to do it, you do not have any inspiration, writer’s block, or maybe you just forget about it. However, by signing up to a project like this I believe less people will chicken out because they have written something on their blog that they will do it, whether it is PostADay or PostAWeek. It is like burning your own bridge so you cannot retreat. (Well yeah I think this is how it works for most of the people).


And I am signing up for PostADay! I know I have to put more time and thought to the blog now, but hey! this is the idea right, to make the blog merrier! Signing up for this project will also make me more friendly with mobile pressing 🙂 And I am going to learn one now. I will try my best to be inspired everyday so that I can have more posts and also improve my English.


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