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Early 20th-Century New Year’s Resolution Postcards

I bet this is one activity that almost all people in the world do to start a new year, making a new year resolution.

Unfortunately, lots of these resolutions went unseen after quite some time; months, weeks, days, or even hours! And then suddenly it is almost another new year. You may have or haven’t done your resolution of the year. By the way, do you know, according to Wikipedia, the top new year resolutions are:

  • Improve health: lose weight, exercise more, eat better, drink less alcohol, quit smoking
  • Improve finances: get out of debt, save money
  • Improve career: get a better job
  • Improve education: improve grades, get a better education, learn something new (such as a foreign language or music)
  • Improve self: become more organized, reduce stress, be less grumpy, manage time, be more independent
  • Take a trip
  • Volunteer to help others

Actually I also had some of the above, and thinking about it now, I forgot about the resolution on February and decided to do it again on August, and quite a success 🙂 So… now I am going to write some of my resolutions for 2011:

  • Continuing fitness program
  • Be able to swim with breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle, and butterfly stroke
  • More serious with university tasks (no procrastinating,  take notes, etc)
  • More assertive less wishy-washy and indecisive
  • Read, listen, or watch news everyday
  • Completing WordPress Challenge, PostADay!

There goes mine. What are yours? And so I am wishing you all HAPPY NEW YEAR! HAVE A GREAT ONE!


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