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Formatting And Making Theme For Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS

You know about Nintendo DS, don’t you? Also well known as NDS. Nintendo has published several types of DS, such as Original Style Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi, and Nintendo DSi XL.

What I want to write now is about DS carts, in which you put your games, themes, and also driver (kernel/firmware). We install the kernel in the DS cart (in the micro SD) by just copying some files into it. Easy, huh? Oh yeah, before continuing, there are several types of DS carts. You can look the comparison of DS carts here. This time I am going to talk about the R4 Type. (There are also fake ones of the type, e.g. N5)

I will write it step by step. First, take a Micro Secure Digital (MicroSD). Or take out the microSD of your DS cart and connect it to your computer by using a card reader. Then open my computer, right click on the device and choose format. And then you are finished formatting your microSD. NOTE: This will remove all the data in your microSD, including your games and save data! Make sure to make some backup! Still a bit confused or is there something wrong with the windows formatter? You can take a look here for a SD Formatter Program.

Second, download the kernel of R4 here. Then, extract the files and copy them to the microSD. And you are finished installing the kernel! Pretty easy, right?

Have you ever seen your friend’s NDS has a very nice wallpaper? Or maybe some cute buttons? You too can customize them easily! Or even make one yourself 🙂 Okay now I am going to write how to make your own theme!

You only need to make 5 files:

  1. bckgrd_1.bmp
  2. bckgrd_2.bmp
  3. icons.bmp
  4. logo.bmp
  5. theme.ini

The first file, bckgrd_1.bmp. This file is an image file (1 – 4 is an image file with 256 x 192 resolution), and it will be shown on the upper screen on the game list. Next, bckgrd_2.bmp will be shown on the lower screen, displaying the game’s information. The file icons.bmp is in charge of the lower screen while logo.bmp is the one which will be shown on the top the first time after the health safety warning. The fifth file is a text file which holds the information of cursor and text color.

Color Codes in Hex

Here is the content of theme.ini: (you can just copy this, edit the code, and save it as theme.ini):



; =======================================

; Logo.bmp screen System Color

; The square around the icons

; Version number text

; Middle Icon text, Game, Multimedia, Slot-2

; Color of the time

; Color of the titlebar text in menus

; Color of the text of files, like games

; Text color of folder's text

; Text of the selected file

; Color of the file cursor bar

; Color of the scroll bar

; Color of the "Final revise" text

; File name of the selected file

That’s it, you are ready to make a new microSD as your NDS’s kernel with your own theme! Awesome! Well that’s that. I hope my explanation is helpful. Feel free to ask any questions!


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