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Learning English With VOA


Okay, this time I want to share with you guys a website, http://www.voanews.cm. On the main page, it only show written news of the world. But if you lay your eyes on the top tabs, you will see “Learning English” tab. Curious? Click it!

Now you are on VOA News for learning English 🙂 What is the difference you say? Here, you can listen to the news, recorded in an mp3 format which you can hear directly from the website or you can download it to your computer and listen to it. Great, huh? Whilst the slow-paced voice might be boring for you who is already an expert in English, for starters this is a great opportunity to enhance their listening skill! At first you may read the text while listening to the mp3, after quite some time you only need to read some words you find a bit difficult. And after another time span, you will be able to listen to the full article without even reading!

VOA Activities

Not only that, VOA also offer you free English classes, divided into three, which are beginner class, intermediate class, and advanced class. Starting from “Ordering Coffee: Part 1 Vocabulary” to “Interjections” and “Subject/verb agreement”. Time to go to class!


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