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Practice VS Practise

Hello folks! Today I am going to write about:


Have you ever get confused in how to use practice or practise? What is the difference actually? The answer is that practise is only commonly used in United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and some other countries as VERB whilst practice is used as NOUN.

HOWEVER, a lot of Americans use practice as NOUN and VERB. So yeah, Americans do have power in influencing the world. I bet almost all movies you have watched are American. Right? Resulting in more people using practice as noun and verb, like the Americans.


8 comments on “Practice VS Practise

  1. thaveann
    January 5, 2011

    yes, the power of influence make me confuse when type colour, why there’s a red underline ? and then I realize, mac were also American..

    oh yes, any idea what to post for tomorrow ? if not, make a post about urband legend 😀
    ahahahahaha, I’m interested in it, but I’m to lazy to look for it..

    • tida
      January 5, 2011

      Urban legend? Seems interesting ^^ I have just arrived at home after vacation. I have already written several posts on 1st Jan and scheduled them daily, haha. But surely I will try to make a post about urban legend. The latest histological place I went to… Lawang Sewu? ahaha

      • thaveann
        January 6, 2011

        because yesterday I got a link told about there’s some video on youtube that said can make you dig your eyeball out and sent it to youtube :3
        that’s kinda interesting and I wonder if there any other.. ahahahaha..

        lawang sewu ? thousand door ? isnt that an Indonesian horror movie ?
        that’s a historical place ? you better post your vacation ;;)

        • tida
          January 6, 2011

          hahaha, yeah that one, the thousand door. Used to be the main base of Indonesia’s train system. I’ll post about that for sure!
          Tau ga sih, karena mau direnov dikomersilin sampe ditemepl, dilarang melakukan kegiatan mistis disini, hahaha. kata orang sononya takut orang2 ga berani kesitu, ahahaha

          oh yeah I know about that video -_- haven’t watched it, actually, and… won’t, haha.

          • thaveann
            January 6, 2011

            what ? kegiatan mistis ? memangnya disana ada apa ? nanti cerita di post..!

            • tida
              January 6, 2011

              ahaha, still sorting photos. Planned to post it right after went home. But my mind is so random I went and wrote about another thing -_-

    • tida
      January 5, 2011

      ahaha, yeah. Usually the word with extra ‘u’ is British. And always said to be grammatically wrong by microsoft word~

      • thaveann
        January 6, 2011

        not just microsoft word, anywhere I type in the mac, colours is grammatically wrong -,- although I set the mac to british..

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