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Using WordPress CMS

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Most people here must have known about WordPress (WP). (If you don’t know… well yeah, welcome to WordPress!) There are two types of Worpress people use, wordpress.com and the wordpress.org. What is the difference actually? Actually the WP team has already made an article about it here. The one here I am using is .com, where everything is already prepared for you. You only need to write what you want to write, choose the theme from the ones available, and use the widgets given. There is no need for you to think about the web server, hosting, domain, editing code, etc. But that’s it, you can only use limited themes, plug-ins, and for geeks or webmaster, you cannot edit your code. However, it is not that hard to make your own, because WordPress.org offers you their CMS, which is easy to be installed and used. Now, that is your choice which one you are choosing.

I personally would like to try making my own website. But most of those free hosting out there do not let me to have a good name, so that is why I am sticking with wordpress.com. However, because I like web related thing and curious about “the famous 5 minutes installation”, I decided to just try it out first at XAMPP (web server software). So this is it, a bit of the process of installing WP CMS.

First thing first, copy the extracted files from the CMS to your web server. Then you need to install a database for your website. I used phpMyAdmin from XAMPP:


Next, rename  wp-config-sample.php file to wp-config.php and edit some things according to your preferences. This is an example of mine:



After changing some things in the configuration file, open your web server with your web browser, and there will be a wizard which will guide you through the process.

Website Details

Website Details

After you have finished filling in some details, ta da! Your website is already finished and ready to be used. Pretty easy, huh? And it sure does take less than 5 minutes! After that you will be taken to the log-in form, identical with the one on the wordpress.com. The dashboard is the same too 🙂 I love WP theme and color! You want to know how to add more themes and plug-ins? Easy! Just put the plug-ins or themes to the corresponding folder in the wp-content folder 🙂 WordPress also offers you the themes and plug-ins made by the community, which can be found here.

Now you can pour out all of your creative juice on your own website! Happy blogging!

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