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Hotel Classification

Have you ever wondered what does the stars on the hotel sign mean? Is it just a decoration to make the sign looks beautiful? The number of stars you see at night? – okay I am kidding. Those stars are rating made to classify hotels, starting from the cheapest and family-like hotels, rated as 1 star, to deluxe, luxurious, and expensive hotels, which are rated 5 stars.

What are those ratings based on? It is said that factors like the availability of restaurant, television, bath, spa & fitness center, bar, elevator, etc that count. However, take notes that things like ambiance, and quality of the facilities and services are not really taken into consideration. About.com has made it easy for us to understand:

They could add gold plated bathrooms and wide screen television to every room, have a concierge who knew everything there was to know, and still, they’d be a one star hotel.

Be it normal television or one with latest technology does not really matter. Yeah, you better believe it, that is just how things work. It is just too hard to score ambiance of the hotel, though I think this is one thing that matters. Imagine, a hotel with dusty bed, dirty bath, lousy receptionist, without beautiful scenery to look outside the windows rated the same with a hotel with clean bed, hospitable staff, and exquisite background. Not fair, isn’t it?

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