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Getting Specific On Your Blog

…is it important? Did a quick surfing on the web and found that most of the blogger think that focus only one topic is better for your blog. I suppose there are several reasons why people believe so:

1. Write what you know makes depth on your writing

Simple enough? But of course you will be more comfortable writing about the stuffs you are familiar about. You know what people do not know about attracts people, and I believe your expertise is limited. All people’s are.

2. Make people direct traffic to your blog

Let’s say your posts are all about video games. People will know your site as a game site, which will said when he/she talks to other. However, if you are not focused on any topic, people will not be able to say so, which will reduce the number of visitors.


Like writing, you ought to have the main point so that readers are not confused. “and then why the hell is your blog isn’t?” Good point. At first I did not really think about it at all. Thought that blog is like diary, talking about anything that comes to mind, and put it online. But as time goes by, I realized that I was narrowing the word blog. It is not always about writing your daily life. Blogging is the same as making a website. Who wants to read your rambling about the long queue on the train station every single day?

HOWEVER, I think my main focus now is to improve my English and widen my mind and knowledge (though I want to try making a blog talking about website and such). As I am a beginner in blogging world, I think getting some experience writing different kind of topics can make me more competent in writing (more vocabulary to learn too). I am sticking to this style for now… maybe a year? Let’s see!


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