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Advanced Technology. Good Or Bad?

Blondie Comic Strip

Do you get what I mean? The Blondie Comic Strip explain it very clearly. (click the link to read another blondie comic strip). Like the one written up there, times sure have changed, we now live in a whole different era. Communication which was thought unbelievable before is now seen everywhere. Let’s say the video call, seeing other people’s face real time anywhere you like is now possible. Actually, it is pretty damn normal now. So normal people do not even think about it a good thing. It does make communication a lot easier, but is it really an all-good thing?

1. I know it is a bit hard to make a line between convenience and laziness.

One of the most common example is the remote control. With this little device, you can control basically any electrical devices in your house. Starting from the television, boombox, air conditioner, and also your garage (even maybe your car). That definitely makes life easier. while eating your toast you can just click on that open garage button and get moving.

2. There is just something that just really different from the old days

Running outdoor is not what most people choose considering they can run indoor in a treadmill while watching the television. Rainy day and smoke from the cars and buses (especially in Indonesia where the vehicles’ emission is not really controlled) even adding more desire to run in a gym.

HOWEVER, by turning your back to the old ways of communicating and doing life, there are several things that might be lost. Calling your your parents instead of giving them a visit. Does that sound really normal for you? Is that easy? Definitely. Instead of taking a long trip to their house, you can just take your mobile phone, push a number and then you talk. While this is pretty convenience and time saving, by making the call you might miss some things. The situation where you look each other in the eye and  the warm hugs is not there in the device on your hand.

This is why people debate about technology. Does it do more good or bad? There is no end to this. I personally think it is good in helping our needs on daily basis. But be careful not to cross the line and too consumed (addicted) by the technology. Also applies on the usage of internet, there is more to life than surfing the internet 24/7. (I too still have a bad habit of surfing the net for too long, but I know little by little this bad habit can be cured. Am I writing more and more out of topic now? Okay, stop. And this is the end of today’s post. Have a great day!

PS: an article at CNN about technology: Too much information?


2 comments on “Advanced Technology. Good Or Bad?

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