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Do you know about Asian Kung-fu Generation? Yes, that band from Japan. The whole idea of this image come from there.

My latest wallpaper (made 2 years and 3 weeks ago). I did a collaboration with my friend, Peniko A.K.A. Blue-Green. She is a very talented designer with million ideas and lots of creative juice ready to be poured. I miss those days when I used to play with Photoshop everyday, making anime wallpapers and vectors. This is my page at AnimePaper. OK I am being sentimental again. By the way, click the image to make it larger (resolution: 1920 x 1200 – wide screen). More resolutions here (you need an AP account). However, if you would like another resolutions, feel free to ask and I will be happy to give you one.

Being a university student whose major is far from designing, I almost never do any design thingy for some years now. Dull now? Yes. Sometimes I want to make wallpapers again, but somehow it is so hard to find an idea. Waller’s block? Kind of writer’s block I guess. Too afraid that the wallpaper will come out to be bad, I guess.

Description of the wallpaper (written for animepaper.net):

Talking about the process, it all started early September when we decided to give this present to our lovely friend Kiru. But… as you people in AnimePaper may already know, we have not been as active at AnimePaper as before (because some real-life activities). So this wallpaper has been delayed for a looong time as we only met like once a week or so in MSN.

Anyway, moving on to the wallpaper, we thought that this wallpaper have to represent both of our style, simple and creative (blue-green‘s) and scenic (tida‘s). And so we searched for scans and scans and stumbled upon this unique scan of Yusuke Nakamura which both of us loved to wall. We have gone through a lot of ideas in the process. We even re-made almost all the part of the wallpaper because the new one look better.

Anyway, I hope this is not too long and before I end this, let me tell you guys that one of the idea on this wallpaper is thanks to Asian Kung-fu Generation who wrote the song, Mustang.

So guys, if you are interested in anime wallpapers, here are some that I have made several years ago:

My Wallpapers

You can find it here. If you have any comments about the wallpapers or about the makers, feel free to say it. There are people out there who say, “Your comments feed my blog”. Couldn’t agree more, except your comments are pure hate. Well, those kind of un-constructive also feed the blog too, but with bad food, making it feel at unease or even sick. Oh, I am wandering out of topic again just now. So yeah, enjoy!


2 comments on “Mustang

  1. Marianne
    January 13, 2011

    I used to “doodle” quite a bit myself. In fact, I had a website dedicated to all my doodles. All that stopped and I shut the site down about 6yrs. ago, when I started working again (I was a stay-at-home-mom for awhile). Now I’m not working again and I keep meaning to get back into making wallpapers, icons, or whatever. For some reason, I just haven’t been able to get back into it and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I’ve been focused on blogging. Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen a lot of original ideas out there these days to inspire me. I don’t know. I do miss playing around with Photoshop. For now, I’m sticking with just blogging.

    • tida
      January 13, 2011

      Now that is really the same case for me. Guess this happens to a lot of people too. The passion has gone. I hope there will be an event to ignite. Though for now I am more focused on improving my writing; and with blogging, that is.

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