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Japanese Pesinden (Javanese Traditional Singer)

Hiromi Kano

Her name is Hiromi Kano, a Japanese who moved to Indonesia to fulfill her desire of becoming a pesinden (a woman who sing along gamelan orchestra – gamelan is Indonesian traditional musical instrument).

This story has been highlighted several times here in Indonesia. And I guess it is not a bad idea to publish it once more, increasing the awareness of our own culture. Because I think it is very low in Indonesia. Okay, now I am going back to the woman or I will start writing off topic.

Hiromi Kano was born  in Chiba, Japan, 31 January 1967. She was a musician back in Japan. And someday, she heard a  Balinese gamelan play on the radio and become so interested in it. Though all she could find in Japan was Javanese gamelan, which is quite different in the tempo of the play. After watching Javanese gamelan, she kind of felt unsatisfied, then in 1988 she heard about a wayang festival in Jakarta and took that chance to go to Indonesia to find out more about gamelan. Later she got a scholarship and studied in Indonesia. She then mastered the instruments and also the singing – and also Indonesian language, but of course (and she talks with Javanese local accents too!).

A national TV station make a video of her background and also the performance: here@youtube (the video is in Indonesian). There are actually two Japanese pesinden who live in Surakarta and have Indonesian husband (Miki and Yumiko). Oh yeah, Hiromi Kano married in 2002 with an Indonesian named Wiyono.

I think this is quite a surprise where only a few Indonesians appreciate the tradition, there is a foreigner who cherishes it. She can be an inspiration for all people in Indonesia that our culture is really unique and amazing which has a lot of potential to be famous and recognized internationally. And I believe it also applies to any country in the world.

Save your culture!

3 comments on “Japanese Pesinden (Javanese Traditional Singer)

  1. Peter Weis
    January 16, 2011

    So many people are just with no bearing on their culture and history. Thanks for sharing this. Good luck with the rest of the postaday2011 challenge.

    • tida
      January 16, 2011

      Yes that is right. Thanks. And good luck for you too.

  2. thaveann
    January 16, 2011

    kalo gitu saia akan mendalami zen..

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