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A picture once again describe something perfectly. It shows any events and information around the globe are gathered together and bundled as newspaper. Be it electronic article or your daily newspaper. And the main topic of today’s post:


Going outside, pick the newspaper, sit comfortably, and then read the newspaper. Or  maybe open e-newspaper or news article on your web browser. Do those activities seem familiar to you? Is it a yes? Good. But if it is a no… well, keep on reading and I am going to tell you some of the advantages of reading news.

1. Broadens your mind

You will not be there sitting alone in the corner while your friends are talking about flood, places to visit, new cool gadget launched by Apple, or maybe about the marvelous goal Christiano Ronaldo made last night. Some scholarship or work interviewer may ask you some recent events, and if you can answer that, isn’t it neat? Being someone with a lot of information in his head is a great thing, isn’t it?

2. Gives you inspiration and ideas

Knowing some interesting culture festivals in random countries might be fun or amusing. Your creative juice will be refilled in no time knowing unique things that are actually happening in the world. The world is wide, you know. When you are with your friends and bored, you might also be able to give some ideas to play a game that is played on the other side of the world.

3. Improves your skill

Your reading and writing skills will definitely get a level up if you make it as a habit. And plus language  power if you read news which is not in your native language. Newspaper usually also has some corner for quizzes or crossword puzzles. Now now, that is also called a skill, right?

I am not telling you to be some geek or whatsoever, but I believe picking up this habit will help you a lot in the future. I actually was a person who never read news or watch the television. I just sometimes heard from a group who were discussing some news. I could only be a spectator from afar because I did not even know a thing they were talking about. Pitiful, huh? I am trying to make this as a habit by reading the news online every single day. Because it is free 🙂 (I know there are several advantages for having real newspaper, but at present I prefer to read them online) For now I read these websites daily: CNN (world news – in English) and KOMPAS (Indonesia national newspaper – in Indonesian).

So now you know that put 30 minutes in your busy schedules to read some news does worth a lot right? Just another advice from me, make sure to think about the news you read and not just accept it as it is; the news might be wrong. The journalists are humans too.

So then, happy reading guys!

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