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Making A Blog Post

Time Needed To Make A Post

I was attacked by sloth viruses which made me think I am not interested in writing anything. Or simply put, lazy. However I still tried to write and had several things in mind, such as obsessive compulsive, cereal bar, and some-other-random-ideas about what to write for 18th January 2011.  But I got stuck on the first paragraph. Then I opened up my mail box to see some of the ideas offered by the DailyPost. Then I came to a mail which requested us to vote on a poll. The title is: “How long does it take to write a typical post?”. The poll can be found here.

The image on the left  was taken on 12:02 AM Indonesia’s WIB (GMT+7). I decided to start making a blog post on 11:50 PM. As you can see that most people actually use about 30 to 60 minutes to write a post. I believe that is the time needed to make about 300 – 500 words article. Whilst the zero… might be jokes or that people just copy other people’s post on their blog. Anyway, what do people do in that amount of time? I answered 1 to 2 hours because I am easily distracted. A buzz from MSN contact might takes about 10 minutes. These is the list of what I usually do when I make a blog post:

1. Getting Ideas

This phase usually takes a lot of times. I usually just stare at the screen while my mind going anywhere randomly.After I think I like a topic, I am going to the second stage.

2. Search The Internet

Google is my best friend. Reading definitions, articles, opinions, etc that has connections to the topic I decided.

3. Start Writing

Writing the first paragraph or even the first few words is the most difficult thing to do. You have the idea, you have some knowledge, but you feel… not like writing it. Damn. When that occurs, I have to go back to the second stage of writing to find some inspiration. And maybe even go back to stage one if my mind is being choosy. And usually when I just start to write, the next words just came through my finger. I did not even think about it and my fingers kept typing.

And… finished! The third stage is my final stage of making a blog post, no proofread. That is definitely one of my problems in writing. After finishing the article, I just left them. Maybe if my eyes come upon a grammatically wrong sentence I will fix it. But I never try to read again all over from the start until the end. Ugh. I believe there are some grammatical errors, unstructured articles, inappropriate words or phrase, etc in my posts. I think I will make another post to share the importance of proofread. And maybe to help me convince myself too!

The clock is now showing 12:38 AM, which means I have used 48 minutes! Found an idea, looked at the internet, made an attempt to start writing, then went back to the start finding another idea, took a screen-shot of the poll, and then finally start writing. I was not distracted because it is already past mid-night :). I usually made post after dinner time and scheduled it to be posted on the following day. That is when I have nothing else to do and the writing process goes smoothly.

What about you? I will be more than happy to know about the process on how people make an article. Anyway, happy blogging!

PS: It is 12:45 AM now!

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