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China’s Growth

Ten Largest Economies

When I opened CNN main page today, the articles were all related to China. Looks like it really is highlighted, not simply a coincidence. Because CNN also put external link “Experience China” which linked to this website. But why? An article then came to my view,China’s economy grew 10.3% in 2010. In the article there is a video embedded that shows Barrack Obama’s public speech about US and China relationship. He believes that, as US exported more than one hundred billion dollar a year to China, this cooperation is good for both countries and also the rest of the world, and intends to continue the cooperation with friendly competition.

If you are interested in the world’s economic growth, you can see an interactive information here. We cam see countries’ economic growth and size. China has been a very strong one as its growth has always been around 10%, and actually hit 14.2% in 2007 and is the second biggest in the world, trailing US.

Made In China

Made in China. I believe you have at least one of those things. Actually a lot of mine are. Despite the fact that people say stuffs from China are of low quality, they are all over the world now, thanks to their cheapness.  Though it does kind of low quality. Well, for developing countries such as Indonesia, cheap is one of the biggest factor in buying things.

Talking about Indonesia, the growth in 2010 is 6%, which I think is a good thing. It is the 7th fastest grower in 2010. As an Indonesian, I also hope our economy is growing faster and faster. But the most important thing is to eliminate those corruptors. Sad to say, Indonesia is one of the worst when it comes to corruption, and it is done so openly. Ugh.

I am not that knowledgeable in economy thingy, so I can not write anything specific and detailed, but I am kind of interested in it now. I hope I can learn more this year.


2 comments on “China’s Growth

  1. thaveann
    January 20, 2011

    the first I see the titled, a ‘what the hell he wrote about economics now’
    after I read it, ahhh its a usual Tida.. ahahhahaah..

    • tida
      January 20, 2011

      hahaha, there it goes. I am still green in this area~

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