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Variety Show

What do you think about variety show? A television program showing the private (?) life of actress/actor. Well, as a spectator I like to watch ones as they are usually pretty amusing and kind of showing a different side of the actress. Knowing that they are actually not that different from me, a mere commoner. I think what I am going to discuss now is not the type of audition like American Idol or such, more like the one which has story in the show.

Are they real? Or just a scenario?

In my country, Indonesia, the so-called “variety show” is just a scenario but the producer and the team still publicize it as a real story. But from the people on the scene, they said everything are made up. One time, a part of team made a confession that they are definitely just a scenario, starting from the place to how the people in the story act. Why? Because it is hard to find true stories that can make the spectators so interested, he said. Though there is 1 show I know is not based on scenario, Take Me Out. Now, let us see to other country, Korea.

Family Outing

I am one of a Korean variety shows. They are so amusing to watch! (Thanks to the subtitle makers that I can understand) The scene, music, and games are all very creative and so fun to watch! Ehem, let’s get back to the topic. I do not really know how the news is in Korea, but judging from the appearance, they seem so real. There are the main storyline, but the expression of the people in there is not made up, it is natural. (Or is it just that Korean actresses/actor and singer can act so well???) The actresses acted so different from when they are on the stage. There is this one who act bossy and fierce in the show (family outing0. If you have watched the show, I am pretty sure you know her well 🙂 For variety shows in Korea, what I know is they have to do variety shows in order to gain popularity for themselves or their group. It was a confession from KARA (Korean singer group) member that she has to go around participating in variety shows and greet the people like, “Hi! I am *** from *** group!”.

What is your favorite variety show?

I am going to list 3 of my favorites. All are Korean variety shows though.

Family Outing

MC-ed by Korean national MC, Yoo Jae Suk, this show will make you laugh for every single minute of the show! This show is about the family (consists of famous actresses and actors and sometimes a guest) go to some village to do some works to experience the culture / main attraction of the village. They will do some games and also cook dinner together. I recommend this show.

Strong Heart

Strong Heart

This one is about famous people gather and tell stories to the audience. Strong heart is an interesting show because it is amusing and it tells you more about the participants. There is one story I still remember, but I forgot the one who told it though. Anyway, he told a story how he became Korean football team 12th member and helped the team by making the opponent drunk one day before the match. It was on the world cup where Korea got into Semi-final. I LOL-ed so hard at that. And there are also many other touching stories. A good show.

We Got Married

We Got Married

For this one, the title shows it all. Oh yes, this is about two people (famous people, like actresses/actor or singer) who have to act like they are married. Like sharing a house and do activities together. This one is funny too, and it is so fun to watch it. I bet this is a little bit awkward at the start. Act lovey-dovey at the people you have only known from television. But it seems the team has interviewed and coupled them with somebody they like so the show will be more interesting.

So there goes my favorite ones. What is yours?

2 comments on “Variety Show

  1. thaveann
    January 21, 2011

    Jaaaeeee Suuuukkk I heart youuuu~ ❤
    okay, i know.. this comment were sucks.. and so fangirl type -,-
    but why there's no Running Man ???

  2. tida
    January 21, 2011

    because I have not watched it yet 🙂

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