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Breaking Through BlackBerry Websites Block


There is an issue about pornography access in Indonesia using BlackBerry. So they decided to block all access by the web browser to all those sites. I am not telling you to see pornography, but… I think it is just simply impossible to block access to those websites. There are several ways to break through the block. But I am just going to write one of the easiest. And what is that? Using a proxy.

If you are not an IT person and wondering what a proxy is, you can take a look at the explanation from Wikipedia here. It is easy to understand. Simply said, you want to get a data, but it is blocked. However Google is not. So you ask Google to take the data for you. Then Google will store the data from the websites and saves it on their server. And then you simply access that data saved by Google on their server. Got it? Okay, now let’s get to the main part of the post:


Google is one website that I believe is known by everybody and it is easy to be accessed anywhere anytime. There are lots of way in using Google as a proxy, but this one is used particularly for mobile phone. Here is the address:


I have tried it and it worked. I hope it will not be blocked. If it is blocked… well, there are still tons of way to break through. Be a little nerdy does help a lot, doesn’t it?


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