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Lil’ Partner Found!

Yesterday I decided I am going to find a partner so will be a little more spiced up. And today was the hunt time. Starting in the afternoon I calmly scouted all of the options available, going back and forth a couple of times… Then I got confused because there were too many of an options! Ugh, so hard to choose. After considering it, I finally made up my mind. Yes, he will be my partner for some period in the future. Let me introduce you:


Ta da! Let us welcome Takenori Akagi!

In the past I used to read Dannychoo’s photo articles, which made me more informed about Japan. What I liked the most from his photo articles is that he had figurines in the photos (anime figurines – match well with his blog theme). That little thing gives that extra sensation rather than just showing some photo of a food or some gadget. So today I went to the local mall and looked at a figure shop. At first I did not know what kind of thing I wanted. There were a lot of One Piece cheap figurines, Japanese and Chinese Warriors, and also American ones. But after scanning the items, I set my choice on Takenori Akagi from Slam Dunk. It is not expensive and has good quality compared to the One Piece ones. The price is 17.500 IDR (almost 2 USD).

Froyo @J.co

After that I decided to treat myself to some frozen yogurt (froyo) at J.co. Ordered one couple froyo with 3 toppings; kiwi, choco caviar, and melon-flavored mochi. Hmm, yummy! I am looking forward to take some leisure walk or culinary trip with my little partner 🙂

What do you think about this figurine-partner thing? I am not an otaku, but I just want to try different kinds of blog posts. And I think this is one  that is quite fun, both for the writer and the readers. Well, at least for me.


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