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Experiencing “Unwanted” Traffic

Website Traffic

Logging in to your dashboard and see your website stats, you get happy because it shows more than what you expected. The number is still in normal range, so you believe that your readers are actually increasing bit by bit. However, seeing the referral section turned you down because the views are actually from some random spam sites. Ugh. Damn! That was exactly happening to my blog for the last couple of days.

Have you ever experienced this kind of thing? I knew a case where the blog suddenly has more than 2000 hits in a day and usually it is far than that. Happy? Maybe for those who is only seeking numbers but not readers will be happy, but for others? (well, at least me) I guess not, because the stats is now kinda of… fake? The hits are just from some weird websites that give traffic to you just so you get curious how they give you so much visits. And the websites are just full of advertisements or even scam.

This is not only happening to your blog. You can read about this topic on the forum here. The staff has also provided some feedback for you to read. It is not harmful to your blog, but it can be if you click the link and go visit their websites. Anyway, do not let that thing bugs you too much. And… happy blogging!


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