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A Bee Stung Me! Ouch!

Oh my God! You won’t believe it before you experience it yourself! Do not believe the image this time! It is not lovely honey maker.

B E E !

Before this all happened, I just thought that a bee sting… is simply a sting. Just a little pain at the start and then… puff! the pain will be gone in no time. But the truth is, ugh, the sting is far more dangerous than that. Okay I will stop whining about the pain and continue writing about the bee sting.

Why does bee sting?

Given a weapon by God, bees use it to defend themselves. According to some theories, they will not sting unless they feel threatened. But believe me, they got threatened very easily. Now the most important thing is, if you do not have anything important to do, do not get near the bees. It is risky.

What to do when you got stung?

First of all, the most important thing, take the stinger out! Do it with all means, whatever, just get it out. If you still see black dot or something like that, keep trying to take the stinger out. Finished? OK!

Then get some ice or cold water and apply to the area which is stung. This will help you with the pain and allergic response.

Three, get some medicine (or a doctor if you got stung lots of times). Antihistamine, calamine, and maybe methylprednisolone will help. If you are not sure about the medicine, you are advised to go to a doctor.

The reactions after bee sting?

Pain, redness, and swollen the day after. It will be so painful right after you got stung. And it will continue being like that for several hours. The day after, the pain will be reduced (but still there) and you can see the area that got stung clearly because of the swell.

I hope what I have written above may help you someday to treat a stung.  Have a great day. And hope you do not get stung by bypassing bees!

PS: Actually what I wrote above is not only for bees. Bee, hornet, wasp or yellow jacket… all of them sting and I think the treatment is quite the same.


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