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Wall Street 2 – Only Trust Yourself

Is there nobody you can trust in the business?

Wall Street 2

Spoiler alert, continue with caution~

The scene in the movie is, but of course, when Gordon Gekko tricked Jake into giving him the 100 million. God, I did not see that coming at all. Gordon was pictured as a nice guy that want to have a better relationship with his own daughter. But, what? His real motive was to get the money. Though in the end he decided to help out Jake and Winnie. A kind of predictable ending? Or maybe Gordon should just keep the money and then there goes the revenge from Jake in Wall Street 3. Vicious circle?

Is this pretty common in the real world too?

Now I am getting images that things like these are actually happening. Oh they sure are. Now I am just a nobody trying to learn more about the economy world. I should have expected something like this, huh? I will make sure I read a whole lot more book. Mind to tell me any good ones? (whoops, now I am getting more interested in this thing, more than ever)

PS: I know I am a bit late watching movies. But I guess late is better than never, right?

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