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Lately the number of visitors are dropping 😦 Or perhaps this is the true number of readers without those spam visit, which I called as “unwanted traffic”. And for now I have decided for not sharing the posts on Facebook again. I guess it just bothers my friend by some random stuffs feed they will not even see. Call me a pessimistic idiot. But I will still doing the PostADay 2011 challenge though. Besides, lately my Facebook profile page has been quite boring with just my posts via WordPress published on my page.

Attending classes, choosing classes to drop and to keep, preparing for next classes, and getting ready for internship sure are a bit tiring. But not that hard since the semester has just started and most of the classes are just introductory. Anyway, I have to finish my CV for applying internship and also look at some companies. #randomblabber

Some ideas for next posts: about the first week in the 6th semester and maintaining my diet again. I hope I will be better in constructing article and also using thesaurus. Lately my motivation has dropped and got lazy to write seriously.


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