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Tim Tam Cheese

I did a big mistake while going to the supermarket today. It was… that I bought a lot of snacks. Ugh. Starting from Minute Maid’s Pulpy orange (1L, oh my God), crackers, fried veggies, and also Tim Tam. Upon arrival, I quickly opened the drink and start drinking from the bottle~ and also prepared the movies to be watched. Time passed, a pack of Tim Tam cheese is already eaten, the orange juice also… This habit sure is pretty bad for the fitness program 😦

Hell yeah, haha. -_-

I guess I should resist harder in order to get a satisfying result of the program. OK then, starting from the snacks, only one per day, please… But never forget the exercises and do it with fun ^^

Good luck for you all who is fighting habit like this 😀


One comment on “Snacking

  1. thaveann
    January 30, 2011

    you should make a program like wordpress, postaday, then you’ll make snackaday 😀

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