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Finally~ A Hole…

I forgot to publish a post yesterday, which ended the PostADay streak 😦

However I will still blogging. However it is quite hard now because the university has started and also my motivation is kinda low now. Or maybe I should just do PostAWeek. Anyway, this week top idea which came to mind is Lunar new year. Well yeah I celebrate it πŸ™‚ This time is the year of rabbit. I am not going to write about it now. I think I will post about it in 3rd February, right on the day of the event.

Hm, so now let me talk a bit about this new semester~

So finally the holiday came to an end. This 24th January is the first day of my 6th semester. So, what do you prepare for the first day? I have finished all the admission things, I have written the timetable (though usually there will be some changes – adjusting with the lecturer time & classroom preferences), so… what else? I have not prepared any material for the classes though, oops. Anyway, I am going to talk about the first few days of this semester.

The Very First day

It was a nice day. First time seeing some friends after holiday and the classes were actually quite fun too. The very first class was entrepreneurship which started at 9:00 AM. How the lecturer said everything was quite interesting. About how important entrepreneurship is, some motivation stuffs, and also saying that there are some tasks waiting for us next week. I am looking forward for the next classes (I have taken a liking to economy lately πŸ™‚ ).

The second one was digital image processing (DIP). In this class the lecturer also very friendly and gave us some motivation stuffs about DIP and gave us some image to look at – explaining about the characteristic of the image and the relation with DIP.

The third one and the last one for the day, innovation management. It is scheduled at 1:00 PM actually, but even after lots of the students waited for an hour there were no signs of the lecturer. So we decided to went home. Hm. Quite disappointing. Well, let’s just wait for the next class at Thursday.

After that, some classes are pretty interesting while some are quite boring. Oh, and also I have decided to dropped the innovation management classes, seems like the lecturer cannot find the time to come to the class… Though I am still thinking on what class should I take to replace that one.

Have to be more enthusiast for the following days! Fighting!

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