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When Fun Things Shove College From 1st Priority

And I did not say it specifically to video games 🙂

Maybe you are too addicted to reading books, going to gym, writing, play around with your mobile phone (like testing some things, making apps, etc), or anything else that get you excited. Should the things that get us into passionate state, that 5 hours pass feel like a minute, take our first priority? Or still the university things that be prioritized, putting the lovable things aside – and usually for good, since college tasks have no end.

That was what happened for the last few days~ College tasks came like a flood, but I just look at them only with one eye. The other one wandered around. Starting from writing essay for an international program selection (and after passing the essay phase with only a few hours of sleep, I easily failed the interview, oh God) to reading articles and considering about getting BlackBerry for my mobile phone. And now I am still writing this article after reading lots of articles for BlackBerry though I am having a quiz tomorrow~

Time management?   Oh yeah thank you for reminding, though I am so bad at planning things and make them happen. And now I am sleepy~ hoahm… Should tomorrow’s problems thought tomorrow too? SUPER LAZY MODE: ON.


2 comments on “When Fun Things Shove College From 1st Priority

  1. thaveann
    February 17, 2011

    and your post is more like a diary now..

    • tida
      February 17, 2011

      haha, you’re right~~

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