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BlackBerry First Impression

BlackBerry 9300

Finally, after considering about this and that after about two weeks, I got my hand on a BlackBerry (BB) – Curve #G (9300).

The first impression I got was it sure looked elegant – though the price was not. After about 6 hours of use, I found that using BB (OS kinda tricky sometimes. Like receiving files from Bluetooth, I can  only access the “Receive Using Bluetooth” option in the Media folder – even can not be accessed from the Bluetooth menu. Plus, going to the message, then choose the view folder; that is how you look at the missed calls etc. Quite tiring~ Well yeah it was like that, but I hope I will be more familiar with the interface soon.

Just a little while ago, I wanted to move my contacts from my LG to the BB, but, ugh, how come it is so hard… It was like this too when I wanted to move the contacts; I guess each of them have their own format…

Anyway, there is an important software you should have when you own a BB. The Desktop Manager for BB. Transfer music, picture, video, data, and also upgrading OS, desktop manager holds an important role. Plug your BB and then start the program, the interface is quite easy for you to understand I guess 🙂

The next thing is… I think the cost for the service is so expensive, ugh. Full service can cost you about 13 US$ a month. And it does not even count the price for short messages and phone calls. Now I should be more frugal (aka more stingy!) in spending for other things, like for snacking~

For now I am going to write only my personal view of the BB. And later I might post about the apps, or something technical.

4 comments on “BlackBerry First Impression

  1. empi
    February 20, 2011

    beliin dooong !

  2. thaveann
    February 20, 2011

    full service cost you $13 ?
    why so expensive..? Mine only $8/month
    when all your surrounding use bb, you’ll less sending sms, and will be using bbm more, and you’ll already pay it before, so it [supposed to be] will be cheaper 🙂

    welcome the world of bizarre where little screen is what you see for almost 14/24

    • tida
      February 20, 2011

      It costs 100.000 for the “irit” service. Full service without wi-fi. With wi-fi 120.000. Well I hope more people use bb then, haha.
      Sinyal 3 bagus ga sih?

      • thaveann
        February 20, 2011

        Waw, thats expensive.. you should switch to 3 I think..
        Sinyal 3 kalo jawa-bali-lombok bagus koq 🙂 yg ga tahan kalo nelpon doang, mahal -_-
        mungkin g ga masuk paket2an apa kali, makanya nelpon mahal..

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