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Hungry Fishes!

The Hungry Fishes

The Hungry Fishes

The pond is not isolated. A lot of people pass by almost all the time. But why do they look like that? (Look the picture above)

The pond is located in a hospital, near the chapel. They look as fierce as ever, since the first time I got there, which is about 2 years and a half ago. Wow. Well I do not know if the fishes are not the same one as the one that I saw back then.

This morning I fed them and they were like “woooooot! Fooods! Gimme a way they’re mine!” And then the scene in the picture above occurred. Feel bad for the little ones though. The biggies always get the food first, knocking the little ones away.

Do things like these happen a lot out there too? I thought the staffs there are supposed to feed them daily. Or it is designed to make the passer by do it? Hmm, either way, they have always been hungry every time I see them.

I am not an animal activists or such, but yeah, this kind of things often came across my mind. And who knows if you will be so kind and come to nearest fish pond and feed them? 🙂

Have a great day!

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