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How To Install BlackBerry Operating System

BlackBerry Operating System Version 6

Finally I am making a how to on this blog 🙂 On this opportunity I would like to tell you how to update your BlackBerry (BB) ‘s operating system (OS). What do you need to make this work successfully? Here is the list:

  • Install the Desktop Manager
  • Download and install ONLY ONE BB OS to your computer (you can use the official ones or the leaked ones). The leaked ones mean they have not been approved, which means still in development; but if you are so excited to try, then go for it.
  • BBSAK to wipe your BB’s data

Got them? OK now let’s get to the installation steps.

  1. Install the BB OS on your PC
  2. Backup your BB’s data using your desktop manager. Unless you do not need them anymore (including your contacts, profile, BBM friends, groups, etc)
  3. Wipe you BB using the BBSAK. Just press the wipe button. And your BB will restart. Wait until it shows a white screen with little icon on the center of the screen.
  4. Look at the installation folder of the BB OS (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\) and deleteVendor.xml“. After that run the “loader.exe”. Make sure your BB is ON and connected to the computer.
  5. Press next until you get to the device application selection window. Choose the application you think is needed for you BB.
  6. Wait until the process is finished. And then the BB will be restarted (it is okay to unplug the BB). Wait for about 5 minutes.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have already installed a new OS for your BB! Do not forget to restore your data again using the desktop manager. Happy upgrading/downgrading!

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