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Realization of the Wave


Today I would like to share a story of wisdom with you, titled Realization of the Wave.

I feel so distressed. Other waves are so big whereas i am so small. Other waves are so powerful whereas i am puny…

It is because you have not seen clearly your original nature that you have sorrow.

Am i not a wave? Then what am i?

The wave is only a temporary form of your nature. In actuality, you are water.


Once you perceive clearly that your actual nature is water, you will no longer be obsessed with the form of the wave and thus you will no longer be in sorrow.

I understand now. I am you, you are also me. We are both one.

Do not worry TOO much and do your best. Like people says, a ball is round, sometimes you are on top and sometimes you are not. Live your live to its fullest 🙂 Have a inspired day guys!

PS: the story came from http://www.storiesofwisdom.com/ -> lots of meaningful stories, take a look!


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