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Hello Fellow All-Nighters!

Good morning! And what are you doing right now? I guess it is about 3 AM in GMT+7.

Playing games, studying for tests, or doing some project, I want to share some things with you. Firstly is a quote here:

“I go to sleep to dream because you are my dream. Now, that I have you, my life needs no rest.”

Eew~ Too bad there is no one here beside me; so I need to sleep?

Now that I am googling, there are a lot of articles telling you how to do an all-nighter in a good way. Does that mean people in the world would like us to burn the midnight oil? Or maybe google like nocturnal people. Starting from choosing place, stocking food and beverages, now now that is really complete. Mine… there is almost none beside a glass of cold water. Plus thick books about computer networks~

Wonder, every time I look for students doing all-nighter or something like that, these 2 come up. Blog posts from MIT students~ and I think is quite a read for you all, take a look!

MIT Students Do It All Night

Diary of an All-Nighter

Now should I go back to my works… oh yeah I should.

PS: now, that girl in the picture she seriously needs some help! Go help her! *starting to go crazy



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