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Another Blah Rant Blah


I feel like as if I have not made any posts forever. Seems like the whole month where I did postaday really carve writing blog as my habit. Just now I looked, oh my last post was 5 days ago. And because I have never written anything, the daily view has been below 10 for the last few days 😦

This week and next week will be sleepless nights because of the exams and tasks. Ugh. A big reward for being a big procrastinator. Just now I thought, “hell, it is damn true that ranting posts percentage is piling up”. And after thinking for quite I bit I realized that I have never really taken a topic from the daily post (they suggest a topic every single day) and also never write anything about the subject about electrical engineering (my major). And those two make a great inspiration to write posts, aren’t they? *seems like this is the nth time I have said this -_-

Computer interface and peripheral, digital image processing, industrial engineering management, and entrepreneurship. Those are what I think quite interesting to be shared. Or would you like to see some theoretical multi variable control system or maybe some transducer from control system instrumentation? I will think twice to write those things 😦


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