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Addicted? Passionate?

Lately, I have been addicted to games – surely, like the title says, I have been spending a lot of times staring, clicking, and typing. What is it all for? A simple web browser game~ But now, it is about the addiction; when you hear the word, addicted, does it give a little bit of bad vibe? What if I change it to passionate? Passionate in playing the video games or addicted to video games?

According to Oxford Dictionary:

addicted: physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance

passionate: having , showing, or caused by strong feelings or beliefs

Well, it is a bit different but when you play games and have a strong urge to play the game you can be called passionate, right? Now is that a good thing or not? People always wonder they are passionate about, and when you are passionate in playing games, should you keep doing it and become… a professional gamer? Or something like that. What do you think?

I am addicted, but not that addicted. I always tell to myself that playing games every now and then, continuously, hardcore, you name it, is not a good thing. I am a university student and have a lot of works to be done! Get your ass moving! – saying that, but I still play the games. Ugh. Is it a talent too to be passionate and addicted to games? I think you already get the idea by now. It will be great if you can share your thoughts here with me about this 🙂

Tribal Wars

Now, about the games, right now I am addicted with playing tribalwars, a web browser game. The game is all about making your own village, building resources, training the troops, trading things, reduce other village’s loyalty and make it yours, and WAR. It is real time; ever building has different uses and need times to be built too. It is the game of tactics. I am not that good, but I quite enjoy playing it – since my laptop can’t play games with good graphics, like NBA2K11 😦

If you would like to try playing it, and help me with getting some points, please register using this link. I will be very grateful if you do so 🙂 I will be given some points if you register using that link and play until your village has 500 points. Oh, my warehouse is almost full! Time to get some things done, see ya!

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