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Finishing Your Drafts


Yes right, this is the idea suggested by dailypost a few days ago. When I read the mail in my inbox, something like this came to my mind,  “hey I actually have a lot of drafts myself, let’s give this idea a try.” so I looked at my draft folders again, remembering how enthusiastic I was back then; writing every ideas that came to mind on my mobile phone  while on vacation. Though several days later, when I finally hit my computer on again, all the passion has gone along with the time passed. I just do not feel like writing it up anymore. I guess a lot of people is like this too, right?

Let me list some of the drafts I currently have:

  • Can We Live Without The Internet?
  • Interesting New Semester Has Started
  • Franchise
  • 3 Easy Steps to Make Digital Thermometer With LM35
  • Learning Database MySQL
  • Eating Buffet
  • Cereal Bar
  • Introducing Said-To-Be-Haunted Local Places
  • … and still many more!

Now, the interesting semester does not seem to be exciting anymore as the tasks and boring stuffs overflowing the daily life, hearing buffet restaurant does not make me want to go anymore, and it’s been several months since my last cereal bar – I think I even forget how it tastes. Ugh.

So, the conclusion is, strike it while it’s hot! Haha.

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