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Android VS iOS

Android VS iOS

Which side are you on? Openness of Android? Or exclusivity of iOS?


There has been a lot of debate about this, and looking at my present environment, seems the winner is BlackBerry OS *oops. But I am not going to talk about BB now~ (but it it true there is only a few people around me who has iPhone or Android phone =)).

Having Apple stuffs makes you look very exclusive, because they are making their own world, haha, while Android is clearly the opposite. Well, both have their own plus and minus. Free means everybody can customize it freely – this is for the producer; they can have any agreement with a vendor and edit things in the Android while making it unchangeable (this happened in the old days of Android – changing the search engine to Bing instead of Google). On the other hand, Apple is obviously owned by Steve Jobs and it is his decision, only his, will change the iOS; which will keep the familiarness (?) of the OS (LOL yeah I hope the word is right :D)


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