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Buffet Restaurant…

where you can eat till your stomach burst out with flat price.

And a restaurant with that logo above is one of the famous buffet restaurants here in Indonesia. Starting from beef, salad, tempura, till …burph?! well you can find a lot of common meat there, land or sea food. Oh, it seems like I’m advertising for them -_- but since they do not give me discount, so I will stop discuss about that specific restaurant.

First, what do you think about buffet restaurants? For most male teenagers, this kind of restaurant must be kind of heaven~ where you can eat whatever you want without really worrying about the price anymore. Though if you are not careful about your full-o-meter, the heaven will turn out to be hell…

when you fill your stomach to the max, the unpleasant feeling will start to haunt you for the next hour or so~ you can only feel the itch on your stomach. So folks, be wise in taking the food… though those juicy beef and sweet thingy look (and is!) delicious, please do not over eat.. you will regret it.

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