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Playing LOL in a More Humane Way

Again, I am trying to play this game (League of Legends) again after failing several times because of my fail-vga-card. Now, I have this not-so-fail-vga-card and I can play this game with more at ease.

Before, with 2 FPS, I have to predict everything that will happen in 2 seconds and act according to it, super fail! I can’t imagine what kind of god can play a full game with 2 FPS. I started to get frustrated after a few seconds -_-

I am not a good player, but now I can at least try to play better and be better šŸ™‚ – still thinking of heroes I’m going to try. I hope I can enjoy this game as much as some people out there do.

6 comments on “Playing LOL in a More Humane Way

  1. Darwin
    August 27, 2011

    This game is an emulator game? For 1 year ahead we’ll be playing with real dancing robot.. LOL..

    • tida
      August 27, 2011

      no, it’s like DotA
      nao nao nao~

  2. Andrew Sugianto
    August 27, 2011

    play cs online!!!!!!

    • tida
      August 27, 2011

      udeeeh tadi, mati mulu gw susaaaah!!

  3. ur awesome friend
    August 28, 2011

    everyone the same brahhh, no one good at 1st time. but if ya study hard, play hard, f*** hard, ur gonna be awesome too :D…btw….DEMACIA!!!!

    • tida
      August 28, 2011

      r*** hard too wakakakak
      yeaaaa, nanti bakalan jadi awesome, lol

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